How To Bring Stories To Life

Social Fabric

Connect, Invite or follow what your connections are working on, such as writing a story, creating an art, music, just jamming or just moods. Get info on studio activities. All built-into the collaboration stream which are nicely integrated to show updates on the streams. Be it your own stream or studio stream. Inbuilt chat system to communicate with connections.


Studios provide you flexibility to gather or invite people to connect and work together on your dream project/s. It also provides you the feasibility to share the wok (documents, tasks, arts within the people of that studio. Studios can be private or public and it has the capability of ROLE based administration to manage members and the applications being used bymembers.

Asset management

Asset management provides feasibility to create folders which are beneficial to your project/studio. You can upload your assets be it files, concept arts, animations, music etc.. Where studio members can collaborate/contribute with each other on the project. It also provides a document version control system.

Project management

Project management, as effective and easy as it gets. Create project / sub projects which will be exclusive to your studio. Plan your project with ease, track and build your game and fix issues fast, collaborate seamlessly via the activity stream and add task's on the calendar be it your person or a studio calendar. Keep track of time, create person / project task easily from anywhere, anytime, add labels to each task / project to get insights on what's happening. Stay connected, coordinated and receive updated with the latest update in your / studio projects via feeds on your activity stream.




Gamedoora Wins HOT 1OO: RACE TO GRACE 2017 Award

Mumbai, India – March 15, 2017 – Amidst a gathering of eminent CIOs, angel investors, industry stalwarts, VCs, and corporate heads, Gamedoora has been recognised with HOT 1OO:RACE TO GRACE 2017 Award, which champions innovation and enterprise.More info...

GameFest 2016

Gamedoora in conjunction with TheMentorpreneurs (, had organizing the 1st of its kind Gamefest 2016 in India. Gamefest was powered by Gamedoora in association with TheMentorpreneurs for Mentoring support and Catapooolt as crowdfunding partner. Gamefest was a Pan India Gaming contest to identify, nurture and acknowledge the best indie or studio in India. More info...

What is Gamedoora ?

Gamedoora is an exclusive cloud based collaborative platform for game/animation studios and everyone involved in game/animation/film production pipeline. Gamedoora is built to revitalize the game production pipeline and serve passionate creative enthusiast build great new content / games with their own community in an open source landscape. The concept was born with a desire to eliminate the pain points associated with the current game production pipeline for indie game developers, publishers, large game studios as well as everyone associated with the creative and constructively infectious gaming industry.

Think of Gamedoora as a digital community for the modern and old age mind-sets.This generation wants flexibility, there is a need in the community for a place to come and collaborate freely, just like any other open source projects. Gamedoora helps enthusiasts to access new projects, showcase their work and passion towards a concept, game, story line and final production and commercialization


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